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BEELegal is a law firm offering comprehensive services in corporate and civil law. We provide advisory services as well as representation in litigation. Our offices are located in Zurich in Brugg.

We perceive our mission as risk management: The law as such is not an end in itself but rather a tool for safe guarding chances and controlling risks. We focus on solving problems and reaching goals. We demand from ourselves quality, speed, efficiency and cost awareness. It is our goal to exceed our client’s expectations by usage of creative approaches, our well established networks and excellent legal expertise.

We are able to accomplish tasks with international aspects fast and efficiently as members of GLOBALADVOCATEN.



Our strength is the ability to focus on our client’s personal and economic goals. We use our own working methodology, which we have developed by using modern technology in the course of various lectureships.

The lawyers of BEELegal qualify by long standing expertise and specialisation in various areas of civil, corporate and commercial law. BEELegal’s proof of performance includes dozens of challenging litigations and numerous domestic and international M&A and succession transactions. We provide advice and represent our clients in courts in all fields of the law.

We are skilled in transforming our clients’ economic and personal requests to purposeful legal tasks. With high commitment and responsiveness we pursue our clients’ chances and help them to control their risks.

Here you find our most important working areas:


CV Dr. iur. Markus Bösiger Attorney at law,

CV lic. iur. Daniel Engel LL.M.,
Attorney at law
CV Dr. iur. Philipp Engel LL.M.,
Attorney at law
CV lic. iur. Hans Egloff Attorney at law,

CV Dr. iur. Daniel Bläuer LL.M.,
Attorney at law
CV lic. iur. Verena Fontana Attorney at law

CV lic. iur. Jasmin Hotz Attorney at law

CV Prof. Dr. iur. Rainer Klopfer Consultant

CV lic. iur. HSG Martin Laube Attorney at law,
Certified Tax Expert
CV lic. iur. Lukas Rich LL.M., Attorney at law

CV lic. iur. Rolf Ringger Attorney at law,




Albrecht Kathrin, Kommentierte Musterklagen zur Zwangsvollstreckung und zu den Rechtsmitteln, Bnad V, Zürich / Basel  / Genf 2016, S. 99-107, Berufungsschrift, in: Fischer / Theus Simoni / Gessler (Hrsg.)


Bösiger Markus/Engel Philipp, Sacheinlagevertrag, in: Schweizer Vertragshandbuch, 3. Auflage, Basel 2017, S. 1089 – 1100

Letter of Intent (Absichtserklärung)

Engel Daniel/Wyden Marzel, Letter of Intent (Absichtserklärung), in: Schweizer Vertragshandbuch, 3. Auflage, Basel 2018, S. 27

Term Sheet

Engel Daniel/Wyden Marzel, Term Sheet, in: Schweizer Vertragshandbuch, 3. Auflage, Basel 2018, 29 – 42

Die Organisation der geschlossenen AG

Bösiger Markus, Die Organisation der geschlossenen AG, in REPRAX, 4/2017, S. 131 – 145

Sacheinlage- und Sachübernahmevertrag

Bösiger Markus, Sacheinlage- und Sachübernahmevertrag, in: Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Finanzmarktrecht / SZW, 4/2017, S. 398 – 408


lic. iur. Rolf Ringger

Dozent an der Juventus KLZ sowie Dozent an der Zürcher Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW)

Prof. Dr. iur. Rainer Klopfer

Dozent für Privatrecht und Prodekan Kalaidos Law School

Dr. iur. Daniel Bläuer, LL.M.

Dozent und Modulleiter Recht für Wirtschaftsprüfung an der EXPERTsuisse

Dr. iur. Philipp Engel, LL.M.

Lehrbeauftragter für Privatrecht an der Universität Zürich; Lehrbeauftragter an der Wirtschaftshochschule Nordwestschweiz in den Bereichen Legal Controlling und Legal Risk Management

Dr. iur. Markus Bösiger

Lehrbeauftragter an der Wirtschaftshochschule Nordwestschweiz in den Bereichen Legal Controlling und Legal Risk Management; diverse weitere Lehrtätigkeiten im Bereich Gesellschafts- und Vertragsrecht sowie Legal Risk Management an verschiedenen Ausbildungsinstituten


New <strong>Appearance.</strong>
New Appearance.

Since its foundation on January 1, 2014 BEELEGAL has continuously developed. Simultaneously with the distribution of this newsletter, BEELEGAL will launch its new market appearance.


The legal basis of the European and Swiss data protection laws are about to be changed. Draconian penalties in cases of breach of rules are causing nervousness. Who is concerned and what is to do?


During the next BEESAFE-Event, BEELEGAL shares with you the most important fundamental principles of a successful follow up regulation. Do not miss this one hour compact knowledge transfer.

Team <strong>reinforcement.</strong>
Team reinforcement.

Beelegal hat sein Beratungsteam weiter verstärkt.
Per 1. August 2017 ist Rechts­anwältin MLaw Jelica Kuzmanovic als Associate bei Beelegal eingetreten.

BEE <strong>SAFE.</strong>

Im Falle einer Urteilsunfähigkeit oder im Todesfall übernimmt die Erwachsenenschutzbehörde (KESB) das Zepter, wenn eine private Vorsorgeplanung des Betroffenen fehlt.

Network <strong>Brugg.</strong>
Network Brugg.

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Neuen Aargauer Bank hat BEELEGAL im letzten Jahr das «Unternehmer-netzwerk Brugg», mit dem Ziel des regelmässigen Erfahrungs- und Wissensaustauschs gegründet.


Networks and Cooperations

Political and Other Mandates

Markus Bösiger.

Judge at the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport)

Daniel Engel.

General Secretary FC Zurich

Philipp Engel.

Member of the examination board of ICT-Professional Training Switzerland, Board Member and Vice President of Von Effinger Foundation

Hans Egloff.

SVP Member of the National Council, President of the association HEV Switzerland

National Cooperations

International Cooperations

Top Platzierung Global Chambers 2018


We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer your questions:




Stauffacherstrasse 16
CH-8004 Zurich
T.+41 58 206 10 00 F.+41 58 206 10 01 info@beelegal.ch


Badenerstrasse 13
CH-5200 Brugg
T.+41 58 206 10 00 F.+41 58 206 10 01 info@beelegal.ch