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The center of excellence BEESERVICES supports and supplements services of other centers of competence.

The center of excellence BEESERVICES offers secretarial services, such as maintenance of offices for associations and companies, services for protection of intellectual property rights and for the management of information as well as risks.

Together with our cooperation partners, we are able to provide support in areas, which are closely related to legal services, including such as registration of patents, valuations of companies and others.

We intend to break new ground with BEESERVICES: E-LEGA enables by usage of the newest technologies attractive add-ons to the service offerings of BEEGROUP.



Important parts of the services of BEESERVICES result from the continuous and intensive lecturing activities of BEELEGAL in the areas of legal risk management on various universities and educational institutions.

BEESERVICES disposes over well-established partnerships with excellently qualified specialists and advisors.

All partner-companies and advisors, with whom BEESERVICES is working together, have high competences and a solid track record.

Our service offerings you will find here:


Legal Controlling – Sicherung von Chancen und Kontrolle von Risiken im Unternehmensalltag

Bösiger Markus/Engel Philipp, Legal Controlling – Sicherung von Chancen und Kontrolle von Risiken im Unternehmensalltag, Zürich 2017

Legal Controlling

Bösiger Markus, Legal Controlling, REPRAX 1/2014, S. 41 ff.

Legal Controlling – Rechtliches Risikomanagement für den Controller

Bösiger Markus/Engel Philipp, Legal Controlling – Rechtliches Risikomanagement für den Controller, in: Ulrich Krings (Herausgeber), Controlling als Inhouse-Consulting, Wiesbaden 2012, S. 151 – 183


Dr. iur. Markus Bösiger und Dr. iur. Philipp Engel, LL.M.

Lehrbeauftragte an der Wirtschaftshochschule Nordwestschweiz in den Bereichen Legal Controlling und Legal Risk Management


MARTINA<strong> WIDMER.</strong>

Attorney-at-law Martina Widmer joined BEELEGAL on September 1, 2020. With her, BEELEGAL reinforces its team at the office location in Brugg. You may find more about Martina Widmer here.

ANDREAS<strong> ELSENER.</strong>

On May 1, 2020, attorney-at-law Andreas Elsener joined BEELEGAL as a new partner. Andreas Elsener is a specialist in inheritance law. With his entry, the law firm has considerably strengthened its civil law practice. You can find more about the person here.

LUKAS<strong> RICH.</strong>

Attorney-at-law Lukas Rich joined BEELEGAL on September 1, 2018. Due to his excellent performance and qualifications in the field of public law, he was promoted to partner at BEELEGAL as of September 1, 2020. More about his person here.


The importance of public procurement law has increased significantly in everyday business life. On January 1, 2021, the revised Federal Law on Public Procurement (BöB) will come into force. What you should know about it can be found here.


In criminal proceedings, as is well known, the principle of the presumption of innocence “in dubio pro reo” applies. But what exactly does this mean when it gets serious? Attorney-at-law Patrick Imbach explains the matter on the occasion of a recently obtained acquittal in a murder trial.


Since Corona, the world is partly upside down. Many things are no longer as they were. The pandemic is deeply affecting society and also permeates law. Opinions are controversial, as the Covid-19 Business Rental Act shows.

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